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Our next meeting is:


(We are making plans for our next conference.)

Join us for another dynamic life changing workshop event

at the Heathrow Country Club

with our speaker 

Jua'Nese Williams

Psychologist and Authentic

Life Coach

Women of Excellence & Leadership continues to make advancement towards elevating and edifying professional women to achieve their full potential in life. Our annual 

seminars will focus on the pillars of the organization, which are 

Self-Love, Leadership, Education, and Integrity. 

Embracing the core strength of many professional women who are seeking higher 

platforms of growth, both personally and professionally as business 

leaders in our community. Women of Excellence and leadership strives: 


• To drive diversity in corporate leadership.

• To recognize women as strategic leaders and contributors for executive roles

   in Corporate America.

• To recognize women for their strength, ideas and intellect.

   To help unlock their inner potentials



Soul Inner - Net Connection Workshop








Dr. Jua'Nese Williams


Dr. Williams will perform a collaborative workshop that will help you connect to your Soulful Inner-Net by entering into a dialogue with the intent of letting your spirit reveal to you the story you’re living, that is your life!


This interactive workshop introduces you to Archetypes and the energy that will present valuable roles we live as it relates to work, personal and professional relationships with individuals and society.  This Soul Inner – Net Connection Workshop will enhance your spirituality, finances, and values, taking you to your highest potential.


Dr. Juanese realize no one is born knowing who they are or what they are meant to do in every moment of their lives so, in this class she will help you search your soul assisting you to find your way. Discover who you are by embracing your uniqueness, Mastering The Art of Authentic Living and move from Fate into Destiny that will transform every aspect of your life.



9am - 3pm


Members $20

Non-Members $25


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